Monday, August 2, 2010

Eff it July

Whoa! This has been hell of a month! I feel like I have been kicked, punched and jumped for 31 days but guess what jerks I am still here. I survived because one person ensured that I would!
I have lost of lot in the last 31 days but it gave me the opportunity to realize that no one on this planet have your back like he does.
The trust that I have lost; the friendships I have lost was severe! I thank you all whom turned your back on me because I realize I don't need you.
My journey has never been so long. The fight has never been so severe. I have made a promise to a few that I won't give up. So I can't ; no I won't.
One thing I have learned is that no one on this big blue ball has my interest in hand but me. This has taught me one thing: “I must stay focus.”
They say the world is cold, I refuse to believe it I say grab a jacket and make your path!

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