Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weak Difference

I can't believe it has been entire week since I last wrote within my blog. I have had a lot of ups and lot downs. I have been happy some and I have been sad mostly. I can say that I haven't really been that depressed since last Thursday when it finally passed after my three day stint.
I hope that none of you that read this never have to go through with what I deal with. I know that isn't possible because I know that everyone has problems. I know that everyone has their demons that keep them down. I guess I should probably say I hope that it doesn't ever get you depressed as me.
I feel I need to take a break from my self loathing depressing expressions and feelings to say to him, "Thank you for all that you give me, I know the roads are always bumpy and you never give us more than we can handle. I just feel that I am getting more than my share at this point in my life. In the end though I remind myself, that if he has brought me to it then he will bring me through it. Finally I want say to him through this I want thank you for carrying me through the rough times of self doubt and sorrow."

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