Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Evening

**picks up the mic**

Sometimes I feel like running away. Sometimes I feel like saying Fuck it and walking away from this crap. I can't stand to be like this. My pain is getting to be deep in my soul. I try to hold up a front but no matter how well I hold up an appearance for everyone they can see my pain it's in my eyes, it's in my heart. I am probably have everyone against me, I don't care.
I never call for help because I know that it generally never does but I am saying I need your help. Fuck it. Why am I even trying? I know that you may never get this time to help even still you won't believe that it is needed.
As I write this I ask myself should I really make my feeling this known to the world? Who would listen? Who would give a fuck? Do I have regrets at what I do? Yes I do. Do I feel cleansed from saying all of this? No but, one day I might.

**drops the mic and walk away**

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