Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back after 15 years

Someone was asking how I really felt today and this is the best response I could give

The Little Crack In The Wall.

I sit in a dark, black room with nothing except for the light that peers from a little crack in the wall. Looking through that crack in the wall, I see everybody that I know from the part and present, looking at them having the best times of their lives without me. Still I sit in the dark, looking at the crack, looking at everybody I once knew fighting, shooting and killing each other. While I still sit in this dark, black room, I peer out through the crack in the wall. I look around and see drugs, beer, cigarettes, and other harmful drugs being misused. Teenagers having babies, gang bangers taking over the world. The world has gone to hell- that’s what it is. I take one last peer out and to my surprise and misbelieve, I see that everything that has just been there is now gone, and it’s shocking that you can see something one minute and gone the next. And as I die, I can only think of all the things that I missed out on, but thinking of all drugs, shooting, and killing that went on, I was kinda glad for sitting in the dark, black room away from all the violence.

Originally written is 1995

J. C.

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