Friday, January 29, 2010

Would you rather work at a large company or a small one?

There are benefits of each. Large companies usually pay better but have no good benefits. Smaller companies have the family feel.

What's your favorite sport?


Friday, huh, it's funny how that day always fall before the weekend.

Friday it's funny how that day always fall before the weekend.

First of all I want to say "Thank god, he has woken me up to enjoy another day without you my life wouldn't have much meaning at all."

Okay now that we got that taken care of, let's get out to business...

This has been not so normal of a week I have seen good things come into my life. I have seen bad things come into my life. I have seen my happiness come and go many times this week. I feel that I am falling apart.

I hope to one day be able to make you understand what I go through. I try to look at with the idea of "if it isn't important in 10 years it isn't important now," that only works to a degree and often causes more pain, stress and sorrow.

Joy will eventually come into my life? My only salvation that keeps me going is that, "If he had brought you to it, he'll bring you through it."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Umm I really didn't have a girlfriend until I was 17 that didn't really happen until I was 18.

How do you spend free time?

#wii #twitter

How much money do you need to have to stop working

Even if I was like a millionaire or billionaire I probably will still work or something because I can't sit at home doing nothing all day. I would probably start a foundation though

How much money do you have to have to stop working?

Let's just say I better no quit working today.

Evolution or creation?

Evolution had to be created at some point so Creation.

Do you have children? Do want children?

Yes maybe three or four (I am not opposed to adopting but one has to be mine naturally)

Best gift you ever got?

Everyone's friendship and acceptance

Friday, January 22, 2010

The one person that probably would have been the biggest supporter for Haiti has been take away from us to soon, Michael Jackson.
People are going to hate me for saying and that fine I do not care. There are some stars that I feel that would care about human interest more than others. I am not saying that MJ would have been the #1 guy but fuck who would have.
I will end this by saying Thank You, Wyclef for being there in the beginning and helping. For those who are acting like you care for more publicity and to improve your own career; God will take care of you.

Championship Weekend

Okay here it is. We are at the AFC/NFC championship weekend. I personally think this weekend is as excited or more exciting than the Super Bowl weekend as this the last weekend that two lucky teams (this year it is New Orleans Saints and yes my favorite Indianapolis Colts...much props to each) get to allow their home teams put on a great show for all of America!

Additionally, I am heading to an orientation in downtown Indianapolis for all of our new employees. This is going to be very exciting because I have yet to see our "backyard" yet.

As I end this weekend is upon us I wish everyone that reads this a safe and enjoyable weekend and for others that live in New Orleans/Indianapolis please be safe make your teams proud!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Evening

**picks up the mic**

Sometimes I feel like running away. Sometimes I feel like saying Fuck it and walking away from this crap. I can't stand to be like this. My pain is getting to be deep in my soul. I try to hold up a front but no matter how well I hold up an appearance for everyone they can see my pain it's in my eyes, it's in my heart. I am probably have everyone against me, I don't care.
I never call for help because I know that it generally never does but I am saying I need your help. Fuck it. Why am I even trying? I know that you may never get this time to help even still you won't believe that it is needed.
As I write this I ask myself should I really make my feeling this known to the world? Who would listen? Who would give a fuck? Do I have regrets at what I do? Yes I do. Do I feel cleansed from saying all of this? No but, one day I might.

**drops the mic and walk away**

Back after 15 years

Someone was asking how I really felt today and this is the best response I could give

The Little Crack In The Wall.

I sit in a dark, black room with nothing except for the light that peers from a little crack in the wall. Looking through that crack in the wall, I see everybody that I know from the part and present, looking at them having the best times of their lives without me. Still I sit in the dark, looking at the crack, looking at everybody I once knew fighting, shooting and killing each other. While I still sit in this dark, black room, I peer out through the crack in the wall. I look around and see drugs, beer, cigarettes, and other harmful drugs being misused. Teenagers having babies, gang bangers taking over the world. The world has gone to hell- that’s what it is. I take one last peer out and to my surprise and misbelieve, I see that everything that has just been there is now gone, and it’s shocking that you can see something one minute and gone the next. And as I die, I can only think of all the things that I missed out on, but thinking of all drugs, shooting, and killing that went on, I was kinda glad for sitting in the dark, black room away from all the violence.

Originally written is 1995

J. C.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eating dinner at Pizza Hut decided I needed to spoil myself with a pasta, and a salad since I have already worked 20 hours already this week. I never am going to complain as this extra money that is being made.

Welcome to my up world

Welcome this is first of many crazy entries. I will attempt to write thoughts, ideas, feeling and emotions of yours truly. Now, if this offends you then please click the red X in the top right corner. I hope if anything I can entertain you and give you an insight of the world in my eyes.